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  Appraisal Services of Georgia, LLC is a full service appraisal company, specializing in residential real estate appraisals in central Georgia.

We have eight appraisers strategically located throughout central Georgia, most working from their home offices. This enables us to provide greater coverage of Georgia while retaining local knowledge of the markets we serve.

Our reports are produced utilizing the most innovative technology. WinTotal 2000 marketed by alamode is our software of choice. We pride ourselves in producing top quality reports which can be laser printed or written to a PDF file and e-mailed to our clients. We also utilize Mercury and Lighthouse for report production and delivery.

The appraisal process begins with an order. We prefer fax, e-mail, or on-line ordering, as verbal orders may lead to miscommunication.

An inspection date/time is set within 24 hrs. of an order. Most of the time, the appraiser does some research of public records prior to arriving at the home. He/she may look at tax assessor records for gla, age, amenities and may make a cursory examination of the history of property ownership, surveys, maps, etc. and pull some information on comparable sales in the area, prior to arriving for the inspection.

Comparable sales are derived from our subscription to data services. We are members of the Macon MLS, Central Georgia MLS, and Albany, MLS, with on-line access to the most current sales & listings. We also use public records research, as well as other subscriber data services.

Turn times are typically 5-7 working days from the date of the order. Of course this depends on the availability of the homeowner. Lenders should stress to the homeowner that any delay in the inspection, means an equal or greater delay in the lending process.

Comp checks as referred to by many lenders, are a shot in the dark. Even with all the on-line data available, we can not provide any 'comps' without inspecting the subject property. In most instances, we can provide gla, age, and tax value, from public records. However, we have found tax data may not be reliable, as a homeowner may have improved the property without the knowledge of the 'tax man'. We can provide sales in the area, but do not warrant that they are comparable to a particular subject property.

We invite you to become a client of Appraisal Services of Georgia, LLC. Our pledge to you is that your order will receive prompt attention, that we will communicate with you each step of the process. Place your order today!



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